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      Founder and CEO of Sole Technology, Pierre-André Senizergues (Sin-e-zerg) is consumed with making his company the best it can possibly be.

      With a tireless work ethic and dedication to seeing skateboarding flourish on a global level,

      Senizergues has guided Sole Technology to unprecedented levels of success.
      In the early 90's Senizergues' empire began to take shape as he launched three new brands:

      éS, Emerica and ThirtyTwo. He soon purchased the etnies brand and consolidated all four labels under the Sole Technology umbrella.

      He then created the Sole Technology Institute (STI) - the world’s first and only biomechanical research organization dedicated

      to skateboarding and added an additional brand, Altamont Apparel in 2006.

      In 2009, Pierre-André was once again recognized in OC based media for his green leadership and

      environmentally conscious philosophy in business, and most recently Microsoft's Customer Excellence in Environmental Sustainability.

      Senizergues was also recognized as one of the Top Innovators by the Orange County Register and by Global Green USA

      with a Corporate Environmental Leadership Award for his environmental practices and corporate responsibility by revolutionizing the way Sole Technology does business.
      As action sports continues to grow in popularity, Senizergues is dedicated to ensuring that Sole Technology remains at the forefront in the industry. To achieve this,

      he keeps the company steadfastly focused on advances in quality, function and style. His ultimate goal is to make his company's products the premiere choice to support the next generation.

      Sole Technology is continuously working towards these higher goals by sponsoring action sports events worldwide, giving back to the community (such as the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest)

      and by implementing environmentally friendly initiatives, such as our dedication to becoming carbon neutral by 2020.