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Who the people of us are?
With the evolution of surfing in the competitions, product designer Alessandro Silveira and two-time giant wave world champion Carlos Burle started the Nitrosk8 project in order to develop a high-level surf simulator, an innovative skateboard, made with the best materials, bold design and that brought the true feeling of surfing.
Carlos Burle has already surfed the biggest waves making history, Brazil is the birthplace of the best surfers in the world so for Nitrosk8 it was also essential to bring along with the brand the true DNA of Brazilian surfing.
The result of the work of this duo was really amazing, surprised everyone and today the skateboards are already scattered all over the globe.
Nitrosk8 skateboards are state-of-the-art surf simulators. A new design where the front truck (axle) with its design designed to make more curves provides the same movement and fluidity of surfing on asphalt can achieve a good speed without the need to "pedal".
Nitrosk8 trucks donot use springs or pulleys, PU 90A bushing brings more stability and much more return in pumping.

Nitrosk8 translates quality in performance, using Canadian maple, bamboo and other noble materials, plus very fun and easy to ride the skates surf simulators provide a great exercise for the legs, abdomen and vascular cardio, is suitable for all ages and sexes, being able to unite family and friends in a unique experience!

      9 products

      9 products